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Sever – “Sadistic Sorcery” demo tape to be released in July 2022!

Five track debut of feral, atavistic American Black Metal
All necromancy and summonings by Ma-Kaxul
Mixed and mastered by VJS (Demoncy, Nightbringer etc.) at Dirge Forge Studio.
Pro. tape limited to 150 copies.

At vast chasm…
Swirling purple storms…
The portal opens,
Serpent appears…

Serpent Spawn – Crypt of Torment 12″MLP, MCD & Cassette out now!

12″MLP details:

  • 350gsm Jacket with matt varnish and inside flooded in black
  • 140g Black or Red/White Vinyl
  • 250gsm art paper Insert
  • Limited to 300 copies (200x black & 100x Red/White)

MCD details:

  • 4 panel Digipak
  • 4 page Booklet on 170gsm Art Paper
  • Limited to 300 copies

Cassette details:

  • Red tape with black onbody print
  • 6 panel J-Card
  • Limited to 200 copies


IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, in conspiracy with Parasitic Records , is proud to present a special split mini-album between Weregoat and Eggs of Gomorrh titled Orgiastic Rape of Resurrected Remains on CD and 12″ vinyl formats set to be released on August 12th 2022.

Totaling seven songs across 25 minutes, Orgiastic Rape of Resurrected Remains is a one-way plunge into exquisitely gutted depths. WEREGOAT are up first with three tracks of their patented Portland filth. Bestial black/death that sidesteps most of the nowadays scene’s cliches and into the jungles of the darkest Brazilian past – UNHINGED! Switzerland’s EGGS OF GOMORRH follow with four tracks of martial ‘n’ mesmerizing death metal spawned from the same void Angelcorpse revealed to an unhallowed world over two decades ago. Both sensory overload and stasis, so helplessly enraptured the listener will be – BLACKOUT!

Necrodeity / Brahmastrika -Praeternatural Commotions From Kolkata Maha Samshana 7″EP to be released in July 2022!

To be released in a limited edition of 300 copies on black and colored vinyl!

Unsettling Death Metal usurpation from Kolkata Charnel Ground. One of its kind collaboration between NECRODEITY & BRAHMASTRIKA.The Deathmoon bleeds upon the Kolkata Horizon. Proceed with utmost caution!

Tracklist:Side Necrodeity: Malignant Sempiternal Chaostotram (Pralayadoration)

Side Brahmastrika: Circum-Sampurna Malevolent Yantram

Artwork: Adim Astakam Arts

Layout: Qayin Mandala GrapHex

Cruentation – s/t MCD to be released in July 2022!

7 tracks knocking at 20 minutes playing time of evil Death Metalfrom New England, USA.Featuring member of Witch Tomb, Blessed Offal & Cemetery Lights.To be released in a limited edition of 300 jewelcase CDs.