Moonblood – Blut & Krieg / Sob a Lua do Bode Gatefold Double LP back in stock!

  • 350gsm Gatefold Jacket With Matt Varnish And Inside Flooded In Black
  • 2x 180g Heavy Black Vinyl
  • 250gsm Cardboard Insert
  • Offical Release Authorized By The Band
  • Vinyl Restauration By Patrick W. Engel/Temple Of Disharmony
  • Artwork By Gaamalzagoth
  • Featuring The Full “Blut & Krieg” Album As Well As The Full
    “Sob a Lua do Bode” Recording Session Which Features 5 Songs Instead Of 4 As On The Split With Deathspell Omega

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Apocalyptic Mysticism, a special split 7″ between VARATHRON and UNGOD.

Both VARATHRON and UNGOD require no introduction, being two of the oldest active black metal bands around: the former formed in 1989 while the latter formed in 1991. As such, their respective iterations of black metal are eternal and unyielding, and hail from a vast expanse of history rich in mysticism – and indeed is this sacred pairing aptly titled! Apocalyptic Mysticism features an exclusive track from both bands. VARATHRON unveil a hidden rare spell from 1993 reimagined in 2016 titled “The Mystic Papyrous.” On the flip, UNGOD let loose with “Sinister Forms of Fallen Stars,” a new hymn captured in 2021. From the depths of the cult, from the heights of black heavens, two wanderers on eternal journeys follow the Devil’s path!

Moonblood – Siegfried 12″LP out now!

  • 350gsm Gatefold Jacket with inside flooded in black and matt varnish
  • 140g Black Vinyl
  • 250gsm Cardboard Insert
  • Remastered by P. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony
  • Artwork & Arrangements by Mirko “Gaamalzagoth” Schmat