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Ophidian – Descent Into The Labyrinth Tape out now!

  • Black tape with red onbody print
  • 8 panel J-card
  • Limited to 150 copies


OPHIDIAN meaning “serpentine, or serpent like” is a one-man black metal project located in Attica/Hellas.
Inspired by the glorious hellenic 90’s era, OPHIDIAN explores the corridors that have opened up only to whomever has been initiated in the emotions, thoughts, philosophies and cults that are touched on this particular subgenre.
The “DESCENT INTO THE LABYRINTH” album, Ophidians first contact with the underground scene, is an invitation to take part in a self initiating process of almost alchemical nature. The apprentice first knows only of ambition. After ambition comes fear, and after fear knowledge and realization and therefore true power