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Today, Iron Bonehead Productions announces December 8th as the international release date for Lamentationen, a special split album between Grabunhold and Circle of Shadows, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Bringing together two black metal hordes from the Olde World, Lamentationen features three exclusive tracks each from Germany’s Grabunhold and Austria’s Circle of Shadows. Those who follow the evil deeds of Iron Bonehead should be well aware of Grabunhold by now, having released an EP in 2019 and the successive Heldentod debut full-length in 2021 (and, most recently, a reissue of the band’s first demo). Keeping their swords aloft, the Germans continue to mine their medieval black metal with care, craft, and charisma. But the plaintive lament “Lebewol” should induce chills as their half comes to a close.

Circle of Shadows, for their part, comprise a member from the well-respected Transilvania, and although they’ve been around a decade, their discography to date includes all short-lengths. Nevertheless, with their trio of tracks here do they whip forth a rustic style of black metal that’s equal parts icy surge and triumphant march – pagan by proxy rather than “pagan black metal” by cliche.