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BLOOD (Germany)

The legends of German black grindcore will finally make their Never Surrender appearance after trying to book them for the last two fests.  Their set will give you the impulse to destroy!


French death metal tyrants return to Teutonic soil to present tracks from their long-awaited debut album, released in 2021 by IBP. A flaming sword to deliver illumination – and the kiss of DEATH!


Bestial Morboso metal will play one of their final gigs in Berlin as part of their farewell tour of the world before they crawl into their sarcofagus for good.  Don’t miss this historical performance!  


Costa Rican doom-death cult make their first appearance at NSF, presenting songs from their IBP debut album from the cursed year of 2020. All-consuming DESOLATION!

REVENGE (Canada) 

The originators of militant black metal return to Berlin to obliterate the weak minded sheep.  All will be torn down to reveal the rot underneath.  


One of the CULTEST bands around and originators of blackgrind will return to the stage after more than 20 years away! New tracks from their forthcoming second album shall be performed and defile EVERYTHING.