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Now Confirmed for Never Surrender Fest Volume III

Never Surrender Fest Vol. 3
Columbia Theater, Berlin – Germany
7th, 8th and 9th of Dece mber 2023


Death Worship continues their war march through the urban wastelands of Europe. After their devastating performance at NWN Fest Vol. 6 in Tijuana Mexico, these war criminals are ready to level Berlin and beyond. Death Worship is the soundtrack to human extermination!


Portland bestial metal standard-bearers set foot on European soil for the first time ever! Expect lycanthropic savagery and blood rites gone awry. New album expected for IRON BONEHEAD in 2020, too.


The Medellin death metal legends will finally play in Europe for the first time since their formation in 1989. They will perform an old school set of material from the two MLPs and first album.


As a symbol of NSF shattering boundaries much as both IBP and NWN! do but often don’t get credit for, these German deathrock isolationists take the stage amidst unrelenting violence all around them. Debut album for IRON BONEHEAD expected in 2020.


The majesty rises again from the Hellenic swamp to mesmerize the mortals with its aural occult magick. Get ready to be transfixed by Varathron’s necromantic riffs!


Reanimated Mexican death metal legends set to arrive in Europe for the first time ever! This performance will be an exclusive old-school set comprised of 1990’s classic Blackened Images. Mandatory madness!