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Necrodeity / Brahmastrika -Praeternatural Commotions From Kolkata Maha Samshana 7″EP to be released in July 2022!

To be released in a limited edition of 300 copies on black and colored vinyl!

Unsettling Death Metal usurpation from Kolkata Charnel Ground. One of its kind collaboration between NECRODEITY & BRAHMASTRIKA.The Deathmoon bleeds upon the Kolkata Horizon. Proceed with utmost caution!

Tracklist:Side Necrodeity: Malignant Sempiternal Chaostotram (Pralayadoration)

Side Brahmastrika: Circum-Sampurna Malevolent Yantram

Artwork: Adim Astakam Arts

Layout: Qayin Mandala GrapHex