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Today, Iron Bonehead Productions announces February 4th, 2022 as the international release date for Deathless Void’s striking self-titled debut EP on 12″ vinyl and cassette tape formats.

A brand-new formation hailing from the Netherlands, Deathless Void create a vacuum of violent, post-modern death energy. Their foundation is undoubtedly black metal, but their vision is not blinkered upon the past; if anything, the jet-stream of crushing chaos across their debut EP is futuristic, albeit a ruined vision of such. Mutating physicality into cold, cutting, gleaming-yet-bloodstained steel, Deathless Void verily approximates its namesake, literally attacking the listener across three cocaine rushes of sound. One could point to later Katharsis or Antaeus or especially turn-of-the-millennium Thorns as touchstones, but the dread and delirium Deathless Void are creating here are entirely their own. This is but the start…of the END.

Begin contemplating that END with the brand-new track “Crossing the Threshold” here…